The Gentle Weight Loss System

A Gentle Yet Effective 3-Step System to Losing Weight Starting on Day 1¹ with no exercise or special diet.

  1. 3 Foods to Cut Fat Every Day Starting From Today¹
  2. Spiritual Walk to Strengthen Your Inner Physique that is more effective than Yoga, Exercise, QiGong, or Meditation (Yes. There is spirituality involved. But don’t be alarmed. I’m not asking you to believe in any religion. In fact, you don’t have believe anything for this to work. And you will do things you might have never heard before. But seriously, do you want to lose weight or not? Find out below why this is more effective than anything else)
  3. Simple Method to Reroute Your Energy to Boost Metabolism and Digestive System. (You Can Do This Anywhere At Anytime)


For Short-Term Immediate Results:

dna-163466_1280The reason you need to eat is because the body needs the energy for the body to function and carry out your daily activities.

Once your body has the sufficient energy it needs, your appetite goes away and you feel full.

If your digestive system is inefficient, then it needs more food to reach the sufficient energy necessary for the body carry out daily activities.

For the physical manifestation of your weight loss, there are two steps to make this happen.

Once you know this concept from the QiGong, then you know how to jump start your weight loss from Day 1¹.

  • Eat the foods with the highest life energies
    1. so you need less food to achieve the sufficient life energy your physical body needs
    2. giving you immediate fat loss¹
    3. while keeping you healthy and strong because your physical body is at its maximum life energy
  • I’ll will show you 3 Foods with Highest Life Energies that are the easiest to get your hands on.



Long-Term Solution to Maintaining Slim Body¹:

Again. The reason you need to eat is because you need the life energy for the physical body to function and carry out your daily activities.

diet-398612_1280-2Once your physical body has the sufficient life energy it needs, your appetite goes away and you feel full.

If your digestive system is inefficient, then it needs more food to reach the sufficient energy necessary for the body carry out daily activities.

So to truly have a slim body, the solution is an effective metabolism and digestive system.

Changing your diet is not going to strengthen your metabolism and digestive system.

To solve this root problem, I will give you 2 sets of techniques to perform:

  • walking-149724_1280A Special Fat-Loss Spiritual Walking Technique
    1. Strengthen your life energy circulation beyond any exercise you can think of
    2. Increase your life energy as you walk

No extraneous exercise. Yet this method will strengthen your life energy circulation within your body beyond any exercise you can think of. It’ll also increase your life energy as you walk.

This technique will maximize the next technique below:

  • Technique to Significantly Strengthen Your Metabolism and Digestive System – All At The Comfort of Sitting Down


 model-395574_1280Short-term wise

  • Short-term wise, eating the foods with highest inner life energies, you’ll need less food to achieve sufficient energy.
  • As a result, you’ll start losing those fat from the start.
  • Yet keeping your body strong and healthy at its maximum life energy

Long-term wise

  • Long-term wise, your metabolism and digestive system is becoming more efficient so you’ll need less food to achieve sufficient life energy everyday from now on.
  • As a result, you are more likely continue stay slim with a better metabolism¹.



Bonus: 3 Foods with Negative Life Energy To Avoid As Much As Possible

As a bonus I will also show some everyday foods that have negative energies. While sometimes they are unavoidable, you now have the 3 Foods with highest life energies at your disposal to help you. Mix these into your meal with 3 negative life energy foods, so you will diminish their harmful effects.


Dear Health Seeker,

These simple techniques for weight loss we’re about to reveal to you could well be the most life-changing knowledge you will have ever heard ever in years. Maybe even in a lifetime. All the results suggest so.

If you had been using these techniques like me, you would also have a slim and fit body without much hard work.

Now. What do you think a simple method like this will cost you? Well, a normal weight loss program with all kinds of sessions and lessons for you follow week after week that “seems” to work would cost you up to thousands if you bought all their materials …

But first let me give you 6 good reasons why The Gentle Weight Loss System is better and more effective by far and it is nothing you’ve ever heard of.

1. Better Effect and Easier than QiGong

The spiritual walk has the same or even better effect than practicing QiGong and it is much easier. For someone to really benefit from the effects of QiGong, it could take up to 90 days or more before you can start feeling the results. That’s given if you did it right…

But this spiritual walk will benefit you right from the beginning.

2. Better than Yoga

For Yoga’s beneficial effects to show, it also takes extended practice – just like QiGong. Also that’s given you do it right. Moreover, unless you have a flexible body, Yoga’s probably not for you.

2. Simple

There is not much to say here. 3 techniques to use. Spiritual walk. Rerouting your energy to metabolism. And use 3 Foods to cut fat every day in your diet¹. I don’t think it can get easier than that.

3. Better than Meditation

Ok. We all know the benefits of meditation for the body, mind, and soul. But in truth, meditation is really more for the mind. For the benefits to show up in the body and the soul, it takes much more time than one would think. The spiritual walk I will teach you is better and faster by all means.

4. Better Than Exercise

Exercise depletes your life energy. If not done right and without proper rest to replenish your life energy afterwards, you will actually harm your body.

Yoga and QiGong depletes and replenishes your life energies at the same time but is slow to show benefits.

The spiritual walk I will show you will have better and faster results than QiGong and will not have the possible harmful effects of exercise.

5. Easy to Implement

There is no equipment for you to get. You can get started right away. There is no long videos and lengthy book to read.

The 3 Foods with highest life energies I will show you is easily purchasable at any local market.

6. Focused on the Internal Body

Again. The key to slim body is fix the inside of the body.

This very hard for exercise or workouts to achieve.

QiGong and Yoga can do this. This is their goal. But you must do it right and it takes time.

The spiritual walk will have you seeing results right from the beginning.

So don’t you think it’s actually cheap if The Gentle Weight Loss System costs at least $1000? But before you agree, what if I said you could get your copy today for just $297.

However, as crazy as this sounds, with a method so simple and effective you’re not going to pay thousands or even hundreds.

Today, we’ll going to give you the The Gentle Weight Loss System for just $47 as a limited-time offer. This is less than a personal training session at your gym. Now, what do you think?

I don’t think I can make it any fairer than that. So I urge you not to wait.

Moreover, this offer is for a limited time only. And once it expires, it may never be repeated again.

In fact, I’ll make this an even easier decision for you. If you act today, I will offer you my 100% 60-day money-back guarantee, which means you get to test the method for full 60 days with absolutely no risk.

Because I know you will see those pounds go away giving you the slim figure that you’ve always wanted.


To Your & Health & Healthy Looking Body,

David Teng



P.S. Now instead of your favorite foods making you fat, your new and improved digestive system will make sure you don’t add pounds or inches to your body anymore. You have no idea how a slimmer physical body have brought more opportunities into my life.

P.P.S. Everything you’ve been doing has not worked and now you know why. It is time to truly to continue to this new and right path so you can take control of your weight loss and achieve your slim figure.


Yes, please give me instant access to “The Gentle Weight Loss System” – the simple yet effective weight loss technique based on the body’s inner energy, food’s true inner energies, and spiritual walk techniques. My purchase of “Spiritual Walk to Slim Body” includes:


1.) The Gentle Weight Loss System – Simple yet effective weight loss handbook you can start using today to achieve true weight loss.

2.) The special spiritual walking technique to increase your life energy circulation beyond any exercise you can think of

3.) The set of techniques to significantly increase the efficiency of your metabolism and digestive system right now without leaving your seat

4.) 3 Foods with the Highest Life Energy will have you losing fat from the start¹

5.) 3 Everyday Food with Negative Life Energies



Price: $47



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¹Results will vary from person to person depending on your current inner energy circulation rate, metabolism, and many other factors.




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